Regatta Results


2012 Blue Jay Nationals

Centerport Yacht Club, Centerport, NY
July 13-15, 2012

2011 Blue Jay Nationalss
August 8-9
Roton Point Association, 6 races

The wind was moderate on the first day of racing, August 8. The wind was steady and stronger on the second day of racing, August 9. By LI Sound standards, these conditions were very good and everyone enjoyed the two days.

  1. 4854  E.Simkins, K.McKenna, L.Scarpulla
  2. 5807  Alex Haughton,Alex D’Agostino
  3. 5892  Noah Christiano, Ryland Parker
  4. 6856  John Martin,Matthew McAndrew
  5. 7204  Sophia Rogers, Megan Furrelle
  6. 7239  Miles Ripka, Alessandra Sager
  7. 5531  Megan Ryan, Libby Ryan
  8. 6815  M.Dickson,M.Dickson,L.Guadagni
  9. 5314  Katie Roberto, Katy Morrison
  10. 5170  Alexander Lawton,Emary Parisi
  11. 5256  Dash Krempel, Joe diTommaso
  12. 6206  Phoebe Petrovic, Emily LeGrand

Niantic Bay YC Frostbite Series 2010
The NBYC Blue Jay Fall fleet ended this year's racing (13th year) on 11/14/10 .  A crisp morning Easterly was replaced by a milder and lighter SE wind  with some soft swells  at race time. Wind direction was fairly steady but staying in good wind pressure was the key to good finishes.  The "Davids", less than dominating but most patient,  took the day honors followed by Dave Dickerson-Chris Reimann on a tie breaker  with the Norm Peck III-Diane Rothman team.  The ever competitive Bryan Lilley, Julia Kretzmer boat was a close fourth. Paul Campbell sailing consistently with a club boat and sails led the rest of the pack of Steve Bosco-Nancy Harrington and Ken Shluger-Lenny Vann.
Following the day's sailing, sailors enjoyed an  "end of season" buffet headed up by "Mother Blue Jay" Sue Dickerson.  Season Awards followed. 
Boats on the starting line were a little down from last year, but quality sailors were up with aggressive starts and good roundings. 31 races were run over six weeks (Oct 3 was canceled) with a 5-6 boat average fleet size.

Season Awards:
  1. Dave Peck, David L. Peck,  Catherine Guanci, Matt Rothman  (7th consecutive year  Top finisher)
  2. Norm Peck III, Diane Rothman , Lida Kimmel
  3. Dave Dickerson, Chris Reimann, Grandsons galore
  4. Paul Campbell, Eloise, Scarlet, Virginie
  5. Steve Bosco, Nancy Harrington, Diane Scully
  6. Ken Shulger, Lenny Vann, Joy MacDougall, Nancy Harrington (the younger)

Other season competitors:
          Bryan Lilley, Julia Kretzmer
          Greg & Kylie Hall
          Glenn & Erik Frysinger
          Bob Stack

Much credit also goes to the often overlooked support crew:
          Norm Peck Jr. - Race Committee Captain on Squire
          Virginie  de Landevoisin Campbell - Scorekeeper and first mate - Squire
          Tom Peck, Alan Coykendall  - Mark Boat
          Lida Kimmel - Racer and Camera Girl
          Sue Dickerson, Pat Flanagan, Louise Woodruff, et al - Soups and Stuff

And a great big thank you to Fleet Captain, Diane Rothman, without whom we would have sunk and whose email updates are always entertaining :-) thank you!!!!

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Cold Spring Harbor BC Hosts Pixel/Blue Jay Champs
and 2010 Blue Jay Nationals
BlueJays Under Sail
   2010 Winners

Yesterday (August 12, 2010) marked the end of the summer season for the Blue Jay and Pixel classes. 25 Pixels and 8 Blue Jays competed in the annual JSA championship event. Additionally, CSHBC hosted Blue Jay Nationals concurrently for a fleet of 14 boats. The conditions were a bit light, and luckily the sailors were able to avoid the rain on the afternoon of the second day. The winners of the Blue Jay Nationals were David Peck and Shawn Pellissier of Niantic Bay YC with impressive straight bullets. This marks the third time that a member of the Peck family has taken home the win. The perpetual trophy is on permanent display at the Mystic Seaport in the Sparkman & Stephens Room.


For the Blue Jay JSA Champs:

  1. Tiernan O'Rourke, Matthew Goodman, and Ashley Sheerin (Seacliff)
  2. Liam Murphy and Carley Ridini (Center Port)
  3. Miles Ripka and Ian Coughlin (Seacliff)
  4. Kade and Caroline Kenlon (Manhasset Bay)
  5. Alexandra LaGrassa and Jordan Reina (Douglaston)
  6. Kelly Cornell and Kelly Driver (Center Port)

And for Blue Jay Nationals:

  1. David Peck and Shawn Pellisier (Niantic Bay)
  2. Tiernan O'Rourke, Matthew Goodman, and Ashley Sheerin (Seacliff)
  3. Catalina Feder and Laila Morgan (Cold Spring Harbor)
  4. Sam Krempel and Roman Daniels (Pettipaug)
  5. Liam Murphy and Carley Ridini (Center Port)
  6. Miles Ripka and Ian Coughlin (Seacliff)

2009 JSA Blue Jay National Championship
American Yacht Club, Rye NY

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Frostbiting Series at Niantic Bay Yacht Club 2008

Seven boats faced sunny skies with temps in the mid 30's and west winds 12 -18 knots to compete in the final day of the NBYC Frostbite series. Yes, it was cold but no one was complaining not even 6 year old Kristen Healy who crewed for her Dad, Bill, who made his first and only appearance this season. Team Healy won all five races and then headed home for hot chocolate! Old Dave Peck assisted on the committee boat while son Dave and Graham Richards sailed their way to second place for the day. In the first race, Dave and Graham finished third at the exact same time as Bryan Lilley…..how often does that happen? Without the help of ESPN came ras and replay action, a tie was declared.

The feast awaiting the group after the races, the roaring fire in the club fire place, the Patriots and Giants on TV both winning their games was the perfect way to end a great Frostbite season. Thanks to the entire kitchen crew led by Sue Dickerson who kept everyone well nourished all season long. Awards were presented to the Race Committee, the top three teams for the season and the kitchen crew. Official Frostbite hats were available to all participants - hand made by Sue Dickerson! The David Peck family captured the s eries title for at least the 5th year in a row. Norm Peck III and sister Diane Rothman finished second and Bryan Lilly and Chuck rounded out the top 3. Complete results and a few pics of the day are attached.

We are already talking about next year! We know there are more Blue Jays out there and think we can round up at least 15 on the line next fall. This may include a new Blue Jay made by Allen Boat Co! There is no better way to keep your sailing skills sharp - - consider joining the fun next year!

For those of you who own a Blue Jay, don't forget to pay your 2009 Class Dues if you haven't already (form attached). For those of you who have a Blue Jay that you might be interested in selling or loaning to NBYC, please contact Sue Dickerson (sdickerson@waterfordschools.org). The Blue Jay will be returning to the Junior Sailing Program line up. Some may also consider donating a Blue Jay to the IBJCA to receive a tax deduction - - contact Class President Bill Dunbar
(juliedunbar25@comcast.net) for more info.

Click here to view the latest results for the Frostbite Series at Niantic Bay

2008 National Regatta Results

lst Championship Division: Charlie Peck & Dave Peck, Niantic Bay YC
2nd Championship Division: Myles Gibbs & Chris MCCann, Pettipaug YC
3rd Championship Division: Steven Pelessier & Luca Addabbo, Niantic Bay YC

1st President's Division: Andrew White & Khalil Rahman, Niantic Bay YC
2nd President's Division: Logan Floyd & Demetri Sopkiw, Pettipaug YC
3rd President's Division: Sarah Brousseau & Katie Liesure, Niantic Bay YC

Top Female Skipper Award: Sarah Brousseau, Niantic Bay YC
Sportmanship Award: Corey Manero & Ben Gibson, Pettipaug YC

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